The Steinbock Ski is a renowned ski brand from Gotschna Sport in Klosters. The ski brand has earned a first-class reputation for the best skiing fun on and off the slopes.

Our skis offer a wide range of models for all ages and ability levels. From beginner skis to sporty all-rounders, there is something suitable for everyone. The skis are made of high-quality materials and are precisely processed. The ski builders at Venini Sport in Chiavenna who build our skis not only bring a wealth of experience, but also have a passion for building first-class skis.

What particularly sets Steinbock Ski Klosters apart is the personal connection to the mountains of Klosters. The skis are sold in small quantities, allowing for individual attention, exclusivity and quality. This allows winter sports enthusiasts to reach their full potential and enjoy their skills on the slopes.

Overall, Steinbock Ski is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy skiing with enjoyment and passion. For further information, we would be happy to advise you at Gotschna Sport in Klosters.